25 fotografija iz prirode koje su postale hit na internetu

Koliko god učili o njoj, priroda uvijek pokaže načine da nas iznenadi, na ovaj ili onaj način. Bored Panda prikupila je fotografije s društvenih mreža koje su iznenadile one koji su ih uspjeli snimiti te su izazvale hiljade reakcija na društvenim mrežama. Pogledajte zašto.


I watched this guy fight off a bird 10 times his size. This was his victory pose for a good 10+ minutes as the bird perched on a power line, defeated. from r/whatsthisbug


Bees killing a murder hornet by raising their temperature in order to cook it alive. from r/interestingasfuck


I heard some noise on the roof this morning from r/natureismetal


Frogs in a tight space from r/oddlyterrifying


What, exactly, was the sequence of events that led to this? from r/WTF


Bald eagle size vs grey wolf, caught on trail cam from r/pics


Tick season is here, make sure to check every spot! from r/WTF


I think I found the entrance to the spider-verse. from r/pics


Literally metal: The Scaly-Foot Snail ingests the toxic magma-fumes of hydrothermal vents and grows a coat of organic iron plates from r/natureismetal



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Null and Void • ? by @shanubis What actually happened here is anyone’s guess. I think we can all agree that both the spider and the frog, who I would assume tried to swallow the spider, are very dead. Maybe the spider was actually fighting back against the frog and bit the inside of its mouth, killing the frog and dooming the spider because the frog had already swallowed it enough to make escape impossible. Or maybe this was a new type of frog/spider hybrid that dried out before it could get back to the safety of the water. Or maybe we’re all living in a simulation and none of this exists and we should all stop worrying about shit that doesn’t matter because we’ll all eventually die and realize that we should have taken better care of each other because in every version of this simulation we fuck it up the exact same way like groundhog day and the only way to break the loop is to help one another. Or maybe it happened in the exact way it looks like it happened. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

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This… bothers me in so many levels from r/oddlyterrifying



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In 2008 a team of researchers suggest that, unlike other cetaceans, sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus), Vulnerable (IUCN)appear to enter short, but periodic, bouts of sleep throughout the day — an observation that Kaplan says could hint that sperm-whales are actually “the least sleep-dependent mammals known.” Whow another record for them!!!! Photograph taken under permit during Wildlife Photo Tour to Dominica with #Caribbean #Mares #spermwhale #whale #happy #freediving #free #freediver #apnea #followme #smile #style #Canon #me #tbt #cute #wildlife #follow #Instagram #love #beautiful #instagood #sperwhale #photooftheday #bestoftheday #amazing #look #instalike #girl #natgeo100contest

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I noticed some shrimp missing…


Then there was this guy… from r/interestingasfuck


Here’s a possum yelling at a bald eagle.


My friend traveled to India. She posted a photo this morning with the caption “It’s going well.” from r/funny



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Oh hello. #jazzypurr #blindcat #sphynx #sphynxcat #nakedkitty #sphynxlair #catsofinstagram #cat #sphynxofinstagram

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The door I had to get through last night to get to my room from r/mildlyinfuriating


If I saw THIS in my bathroom corner, I’d burn my house down from r/WTF


Deep Sea Worms viewed under Electron Microscope from r/WTF


Lacarria masoniae growing from an opossum’s carcass



First time seing this, alien like teeth in a squid suction cup? Stuff from nightmares…anyone knows what is this? from r/whatisthisthing


Tarantula infected with Cordycipitaceae from r/creepy


Skeleton of a 28ft anaconda from r/natureismetal

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